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The Best Solution for Laying Terrace Slabs and Paving Stones – GECO 300
Are you looking for a reliable solution for moving heavy concrete, granite, terrace slabs, and paving stones? GECO 300 is a modern vacuum device that combines a powerful 1850 W turbine, reinforced handles, and a set of interchangeable suction plates. With an advanced vacuum system, GECO 300 allows for efficient and safe handling of highly porous materials. Ideal for construction applications, it offers a lifting capacity of up to 300 kg, quick gripping and release times, and ergonomic operation. By choosing GECO 300, you save time, money, and minimize the risk of accidents. Learn more about the advantages and applications of GECO 300!
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Expanding Wings in Germany: UP GECO and Its Distributors
UP GECO, a leader in the field of vacuum lifting technology for heavy items, continues its expansion into international markets, with a particular focus on Germany. UP GECO has gained recognition for its innovative approach to cargo handling solutions, and now proudly announces its current actions in the German market.
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 10 reasons why Geco 200 sets are popular among Pavers
In today's times, paving has become a popular way of finishing outdoor spaces such as driveways, patios, and pathways. To achieve durable and aesthetically pleasing results, pavers require not only their skills but also high-quality tools. One of the most commonly chosen sets by professional pavers is the Geco 200. Here are 10 reasons why Geco 200 sets are highly favored:
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