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We care about your safety During service, we check all safety elements.
Inspection Check the overall condition of the vacuum gripper.
Quality Check load-bearing elements for wear, deformation, and other damage.

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Problem solving

Fault Cause Repair tip

The vacuum generator is working, 

but the load is not being drawn in.

The filter screen is dirty

Position the vacuum gripper so that the suction plate is completely
flush with the load

Clean the filtering sieve.

MThe 0.25 bar minimum
vacuum cannot be reached.

The transported load is porous or has cracks and

This vacuum gripper is not suitable
for transporting this type of load.

The sealing edge of the
the suction plate is damaged

Replace the suction plate.

Faulty manometer.

Replace the manometer.

Working at altitudes above 1600m.



Follow the maximum altitude limits.


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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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