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Vacuum gripper, Paving gripper

Vacuum gripper, Paving gripper

Vacuum grippers are devices that are gaining popularity in the construction industry. Their use is very wide, but one of the more popular applications is paving grippers. In today's article, we will take a closer look at vacuum grippers and their use in construction, and in particular in the work of a paver.

Vacuum grippers are devices that use vacuum to move various objects. In construction, they are mainly used to carry heavy and large elements, such as concrete slabs, curbs or paving elements. Thanks to the use of a vacuum gripper, the employee does not have to lift heavy elements by hand, which increases safety and comfort of work.


Vacuum grippers used in the construction industry are usually attached to construction machinery such as excavators, loaders and cranes. Thanks to this, they can be used to move heavy elements from one place to another, e.g. from transport to the installation site.

One of the most popular applications of vacuum grippers in construction is paving grippers. Paving is a job that requires precision and patience, and vacuum grippers can greatly facilitate the work of a paver. The paving gripper is a device that allows you to lift and lay paving elements in an easy and safe way.

Paving grapples are usually equipped with special tips that allow easy gripping and handling of paving elements. Thanks to this, the employee can quickly and safely place individual elements in the right place. What's more, paving grippers allow for precise positioning of elements, which increases the quality of the work done.

One of the greatest advantages of paving grippers is also time saving. Working with a paving gripper allows you to significantly reduce the time of laying elements and facilitates work, especially in the case of large surfaces.

To sum up, vacuum grippers, and paving grippers in particular, are very useful and versatile devices in the construction industry.

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