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Pool in the garden

Pool in the garden


What can be put under the pool?

What's the best way to make a base for a swimming pool?




Own relaxation zone, i.e. a terrace with a nearby swimming pool. Everyone wants their garden to look phenomenal with such a zone. Therefore, in this context, the question arises:

  • Where to put the pool?
  • How to secure the pool?
  • What can be put under the pool?

Many people, when deciding on portable, rack, displacement or inflatable pools, set them directly on grassy ground. However, such a solution not only degrades our lawn but also negatively affects the durability of our pool. In addition, children run straight from the lawn to the pool, they bring a lot of grass and dirt on their feet, as a result, the water turns green and often needs to be replaced.


It is best to place the pool on a non-absorbent, durable surface. I would put the pool so that I could look down on the children from the terrace, close to other garden toys for children.


One of the most popular substrates for the pool is paving stones. It is a durable aesthetic material. In addition, when we fold our pool after the season, we can use the place where it stood for other purposes. Layout and works related to the construction of our place for the pool can be fully done by ourselves. Household tools that each of us has is enough for this. And if we would like to speed up our work, we can rent or buy paving tools such as the GECO 200 vacuum gripper for precise laying of paving stones.


If we make a swimming pool only for our own needs, the purchase of a GECO 200 paving device is not necessary. It will be better to rent it for the period of execution of the cobblestone plane. The GECO 200 gripper is activated with one button. The vacuum device is lifted by two people by the handles, then lowered onto the target element that we need to manipulate. The object is automatically sucked to our suction plate and we move it to the place where it is to be placed. We lower and release the sucked element by pressing the release lever located at the handle. Adjustable handles allow you to perform lifting and carrying activities with reduced strain on the musculoskeletal system. The vacuum gripper can be operated by a person with no experience in paving.


When we arrange our surface of paving stones, we will perform finishing works such as grouting paving stones, we can lay out our dream pool, pour water and enjoy the sunny summer, cooling down in a clean, friendly garden pool.

Remember that paving stones are rough concrete material, sometimes with an uneven structure. For this reason, it is worth additionally securing our pool by placing specialized pool mats. They protect against abrasion of the pool coating and give a nice, pleasant effect for our feet.


Pool protection for the winter?

If we have a rack pool and we do not have a room or free space to hold the pool and we are forced to leave it outside. It's not a problem now you can protect your pool using a special dome that you can buy in any store where garden pools are sold.

However, if we have a place where our pool can lie down for the winter, we simply clean it, dry it and fold it into a box. Then we put it in a place where it will not disturb until the next summer season.

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