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How to lay paving slabs on concrete?

How to lay paving slabs on concrete?

If we want to lay a new terrace of concrete slabs on the old screed, we must make sure that it is stable. If so, we don't have to worry about small cracks or concrete losses. We can lay concrete slabs on such a substrate, which are a solid and durable terrace surface. In this way, you can save on the foundation and renovate the terrace with little effort. However, if we do not have an old concrete slab or it is unstable. You need to make a new solid, about 20-25 cm thick concrete slab. It should be reinforced with reinforcing bars. When pouring such a foundation slab under the terrace, remember to maintain a 2% slope to drain rainwater.


There are three methods of laying terrace tiles on concrete:

1. Laying terrace tiles on grit

We put waterproofing in the form of foil or heat-weldable roofing felt on the concrete slab. Sprinkle 4-5 cm Grano Grout 3/5 mm or fine grit 2-8 mm under the layer of the terrace slab.

2. Laying terrace tiles on supports


The boards are placed on adjustable brackets, which we use to support the boards in the corners and in the middle at intervals of 40-45 cm. We leave the joints open without filling, rainwater flows down the waterproofing on the concrete. It is an easy execution method to be implemented by every amateur of construction works.

3. Installation of terrace tiles on glue


We seal the concrete layer with a hydrolysate. Then spread a layer of frost and waterproof glue, about 1 cm. The plates are put on the glue. Then we grout with a waterproofing grout so that water does not get under the slabs.

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