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Grouting of terrace tiles

Grouting of terrace tiles

A terrace made of concrete slabs, ceramic slabs, granite slabs or stone slabs are the most functional garden solutions. In order to enjoy the long-term effect of a beautiful terrace, apart from its stability, an important element is the finishing and pointing. How to properly grout terrace tiles so that they do not degrade by atmospheric factors?

Why is grouting terrace tiles so important?

This is the final stage of building our leisure area in the garden. It is worth applying yourself to grouting to avoid mistakes. Poorly grouted terrace tiles are exposed to many weather conditions. For this reason, careful spreading of the grout and matching it to the type of foundation is a very important step. There are two methods of grouting: traditional with the use of sand and chemical with the use of specialized preparations for paving works.

Washed sand

Washed sand is not an ideal binder. Very often it is dirty with dust or clay, which promotes the growth of weeds and causes permanent dirt on the paving stone after its application. In addition, due to its properties, it is a great place to live for insects. These are not all its shortcomings. Joints made of ordinary sand often crack, are susceptible to washing out and blown away by the wind. This reduces the aesthetic value of the surface, and also makes it necessary to maintain it constantly, and the binder needs to be replenished from time to time.


The use of polymer sand             

   The method of grouting terrace tiles with the use of modern preparations allows you to create a durable, weather-resistant joint filling. No risk of leaching, insect degradation or unwanted, stubborn plants growing out of the joints. Using this method, we will make a water-permeable and frost-resistant coating that, thanks to its high flexibility, will work with the surface. In addition, the advantage of this type of preparations is also that they are very easy to apply. They have the consistency of wet sand, do not require mixing and are self-compacting. To apply them, a board with rubber, a brush made of coconut bristles and water are used.

How to use?

Grouting with resin sand should take place at a temperature of 5 to 25 degrees Celsius. After the joints are completely filled, remember to remove any residue from the surface of the terrace slab.

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