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Terms of warranty

 Terms and conditions of the Guarantee

The guarantee period begins on the date of purchase by the first buyer for 12 months, in accordance with the date on the original proof of purchase.  

Terms and conditions of the Guarantee included in the Guarantee Card:  



1.  UP Geco, based in Kielce, ensures good quality and efficient operation of the device for which the Guarantee Card has been issued, provided that it is used as intended in the operating conditions specified in the User's Manual for the device attached to it by the Guarantor.

2.  The Guarantor is responsible only for defects resulting from the cause inherent in the device sold on its release date to the buyer and for damage to this device resulting from it. The Guarantor is not responsible for other defects and damage to the device.

3.  For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a Consumer is a natural person who has purchased the device for purposes not directly related to conducted business or professional activity. An entrepreneur is a natural person, a legal person or an organisational unit running a business or professional activity on his/her own behalf. If the Seller issues a VAT invoice for a purchased device and/or entering the company's data into the Guarantee Card, it is presumed that the person entitled under the Guarantee will use the device as part of his/her business or professional activity.

4.  Both the Consumer and the Entrepreneur are entitled to the Guarantee for the device listed in the table up to the maximum period specified therein, and:

a. guarantee inspections must be performed at least once every twelve months, and for devices operated seasonally after the operating season,

b. The person authorised under the Guarantee provides the device for inspection at his/her own expense,

c. Each inspection must be certified by APS/APNS in the guarantee card of the device,

d. lack of certification results in the loss of rights under the Guarantee e. due to the improper technical condition of the device, APS/APNS may refuse the Guarantee on behalf of the Guarantor.

5.  The rights under the Guarantee shall expire if the person entitled under the Guarantee fails to perform an inspection at the sale at an Authoried Dealer or directly at the manufacturer prior to the device's first use.

6.  The rights under the Guarantee shall expire if the person entitled under the Guarantee does not conduct inspections of the device in accordance with the inspection schedule included in the User's Manual for the device.

7.  The procedures treated as operational service listed in the User’s Manual of the device are not considered to be aguarantee repair.

8.  UP Geco does not provide a guarantee and does not provide additional maintenance services to UP Geco's commercial partners, persons renting machines and sales agents.

9.  The Guarantee does not cover damage resulting from improper (inconsistent with the User's Manual) use, maintenance and adjustment or storage and transport of the device and/or resulting after sale from random events and other circumstances for which the Guarantor is not responsible.

10.  The Guarantor is not responsible for the deterioration of the aesthetics of the device due to its use or the passage of time.

11. The Guarantee does not cover consumables and parts of the device, which, when used as intended, under the conditions specified in the Guarantor's Manual, may wear out before the Guarantee expires: working elements and elements of protection and covers, securing pins and cotter pins, varnish coatings cover elements, rubber and rubber-metal elements, gaskets.

12.  The Guarantee does not cover defects and/or damage to the device resulting from the use of the device, which, at the time of revealing the defect or damage, was not in full working order or had mechanical damage.

13.  The Guarantee does not cover defects and/or damage to the device arising in connection with the following actions of the Guarantee Holder: a.using spare parts other than original ones, b. using consumables other than the original ones and/or recommended by the Guarantor or the Producer, c. carrying out modifications not authorised by the Guarantor or the Producer and/or repairs performed by service workshops not authorised by the Guarantor.

14.  The person entitled under the Guarantee loses the right to claims under the Guarantee if the defect or damage is not reported within 7 days from the date of its occurrence.

15.  If the Guarantor qualifies the device for Guarantee Repair, the Guarantor - at his/her discretion - may repair the device or its defective parts free of charge. The rights under the Guarantee do not include the right to a refund of the price paid (either in whole or in any part), to replace the device with a new one, and to provide other services by the Guarantor, apart from those expressly and unambiguously set out in these Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee. In any case, the rights under the Guarantee do not cover the delivery of a newdevice free from defectsto the person entitled under the Guarantee.

16.  The Guarantee claim is accepted by drawing up a dated protocol detailing the defects and symptoms of malfunction, and a description of the conditions in which the device worked, as specified by the Personentitled by the Guarantee.

17.  The basis for exercising the rights under the Guarantee is the submission of a valid Guarantee Card containing the data of the person entitled by the Guarantee (company identification data or personal data), the name and model/type of the device and its number and/or engine number, date of sale and the seal of Authorised Dealer together with proof of purchase (receipt or VAT invoice). The Guarantee Card without the above data is invalid and is not a document authorising to perform Guarantee repairs.

18.  The Guarantor ensures that the Guarantee repair will be performed within 30 days from the date of delivery of the device to APS/APNS. In special, unusual and/or deviating from service standards situations, a 30-day repair period may be extended by the time necessary to perform the repair. The Guarantor shall inform the Person entitled under the Guarantee within 30 days from the date of delivery of the device to APS/APNS about the extension of the period of the Guarantee Repair and will indicate the new date of the Repair. In such a situation, the Parties are bound by the new date specified by the Guarantor.

19.  The Guarantee given by the Guarantor shall not cover the Guarantor's liability for damage to property or persons suffered or for which the Beneficiary under the Guarantee is responsible, resulting from defects in the device found during the Guarantee period. Toavoid doubts, it is decided that the guarantee rights of the person entitled under the Guarantee do not include the right to demand reimbursement of costs incurred by the person entitled under the Guarantee resulting from the defect of the device or the guarantee repair, in particular, the Guarantor shall not be liable for losses which the person entitled under the Guarantee shall not be liable for these reasons and for the benefits which he would have received had the damage not been done to him.

20.  The rights and obligations of the parties under this Guarantee are governed solely by the content of the provisions included in the Guarantee Conditions and the Guarantee Card. No information or data presented in folders, catalogues or other marketing documents shall constitute the basis for making any demands related to the Guarantee granted by the Guarantor.

21.  The Guarantee granted on the basis of these Terms and Conditions of the Guarantee and the Guarantee Card does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights resulting from the provisions on the guarantee for defects in the item sold unless the rights under warranty have been excluded in the sales contract or any other contract relating to the device, concluded between the Guarantor and the Buyer or between the Guarantor and another entity purchasing the device in order to give it to a third party for use on the basis of a legal relationship (e.g. leasing, rental or lease agreements).

22.  The device sold through dealerships or service stations: before stamping the guarantee, they should check the correct operation of the equipment.

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